Currently — May 16, 2023: Pacific Northwest heatwave brings avalanche risk

The weather, currently.

Seattle recorded its fourth consecutive record high temperature on Monday — after reaching 89 degrees F over the weekend, the hottest temperature ever recorded before May 15th in the city's history. Nearby Portland, Oregon has recorded three consecutive days of 90 degrees or higher.

Such temperatures are 20-30 degrees F hotter than normal for this time of year, and further north in Canada, early season forest fires are spreading out of control. It's all an ominous reminder that this place known for temperate rainforests and cool, breezy weather has been transformed in recent years by human-induced climate change.

Avalanches and flooding are also risks due to the rapid onset of summer across the Pacific Northwest. Cooling centers are open, and local orgs recommend boosting your water intake to prevent dehydration and heat-related illnesses.

-Eric Holthaus

What you can do, currently.

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