Currently — May 22, 2023: Smoke cyclone

The weather, currently.

Smoke continues to pour out of northern Canada towards cities and towns across central North America.

This year's fires in Alberta have so far burned around 800,000 hectares, or about the size of the US state of Delaware. That's about seven times more than typical for this date, with this year's burn worsened by much below rainfall and scorching record temperatures warmer than what's normal for the hottest times of year in July.

According to Calgary-based weather reporter Kyle Brittain, this is "the most solid blanket of wildfire smoke I've ever seen." Tendrils of the smoke cloud have reached as far as Scotland and Scandanavia. Some of the smoke wrapped into a large cyclonic storm over the weekend which crossed from Canada into the northern United States.

Poor air quality, hazy skies, and scratchy eyes will probably last for at least the next several days or even weeks in areas downwind of the fires.

-Eric Holthaus

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