Currently — May 17, 2023: Orange skies from Calgary to Minneapolis

The weather, currently.

Not going to lie, I had a distressing weather experience today here in Minneapolis. About 10:30 am, a thick band of smoke passed over the city from the massive Canadian wildfires, about 2,000 miles away to the northwest. Walking outside, it felt cool, like a layer of clouds overhead — and everything was bathed in a distinct orange light. I had the sudden urge to hold my breath, and to run away — but to where? It was one of the first times in my life I ever remember having a panic attack because of the weather.

After doing some searching, the same thing was happening in Calgary and Edmonton, much closer to the fires, and with a much more intense orange light. If you live in western North America, there's a good chance you've had a day (or many) like this sometime in the past few years. I hate that this is normal now.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has some helpful reminders and a guide to poor air quality days, and what you can do to limit your exposure.

—Eric Holthaus

Paula Kirman (
Attached: 3 images The sun over the west end of Edmonton this morning (May 16) around 7 a.m. I zoomed in at different lengths, but did not alter the photos afterwards. --#yeg #yegwestend #sun #wildfire #alberta #albertawildfire #climatechange #edmonton #sunrise #sunphotography #yegphotographer #i…

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