Currently — May 19, 2023: Superbloom

The weather, currently.

This year's superbloom of wildflowers in California has been epic. Brought on by unusually high snowfall and a wet winter that has also meant catastrophic flooding, it has created what Atmos magazine's Jasmine Hardy calls "blissonance", the coexistence of beauty and destruction brought on by climate change.

"This dichotomy of grasping onto moments of beauty amidst a climate emergency is an enigma of our era. What if fixating on the big picture of climate change is doing us more harm than good? What if focusing on these smaller pieces is the only thing keeping us from unraveling?"

If you've struggled with climate anxiety, especially tied to weather events, I encourage you to read Hardy's fine essay — it's essential to hold on to these moments of joy and pleasure for all of us wanting a better world. This is what we're fighting for.

-Eric Holthaus

What you can do, currently.

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