Currently — November 7th, 2022

Introducing: Project Mushroom
Twitter is changing we want to ensure that folks in the climate fight have a virtual safe place to share and connect. Introducing: Project Mushroom.

Currently’s history is closely tied to Twitter. Perhaps you are one of the many people who found us because of our Twitter presence. We’re grateful that it has been a platform that has allowed us to build out our community, spread climate and weather information, and connect with friends and partners.

That said, the platform is changing; we want to ensure that folks in the climate fight have a virtual safe place to share and connect. Introducing: Project Mushroom.

Project Mushroom will be a safe place on the internet. We’re working with some of your favorite climate and weather creators — as well as ex-Twitter employees — to build a platform for us all to connect in ways that center joy and action on a warming planet. We will be working with our community and with creators to develop moderation protocols with strict bans on behavior like harassment, racism, and climate denial.

Project Mushroom envisions a few ways to connect with community members and creators, including:

  • New Ghost newsletters: hosted for free by Currently and written by your favorite creators.
  • Live events: interactive ways to meet your climate heroes
  • Mastodon-based social media network: built for scientists, journalists, creatives, organizers, and justice-minded folks.

We’ve had enough of the scorched earth policies of billionaires on a warming planet. This platform will cultivate timely and accurate information that supports community resilience and safety during the climate emergency. It will work to build strong, long-term relationships with people whose stories we share and those who use our services. If you’d like to help us build Project Mushroom, either as a creator or developer or advisor, please fill out our short survey. If you’re interested in staying in touch and want early access, you can join the waitlist here and we’ll keep you updated as Project Mushroom grows.

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COP27: It’s all about the money
Climate finance will be the most important issue on the table at COP27.

Currently’s staff reporter, Anna Abraham, is in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, covering COP27 — the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Read Anna’s pre-COP coverage about the conference's focus on climate finance, particularly loss and damage finance — or the financial reparations the Global North owes countries most vulnerable to the climate crisis:

“Losses and damages are mounting for communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis, especially for the poorest who have contributed the least to the problem,” Rachel Cleetus, Policy Director, Climate and Energy Program, Union of Concerned Scientists said in a press conference.

“The success of COP27 depends crucially on the United States and other richer nations living up to their responsibilities to meaningfully address Loss and Damage, including delivering a clear near-term pathway for dedicated and ongoing funding.”

Some leaders are stepping up. Denmark, earlier this year, proposed funding $13.2 million to poorer nations for loss and damage. It is the first central government to do so, breaking away from the European Union consensus in the process. At COP26, Scotland pledged $2 million and the Wallonia region of Belgium earmarked $1 million for loss and damage.”

Anna will be on the ground all week interviewing activists and attendees, follow along on in your inbox and on Twitter.

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