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Early marriage has become climate adaptation in South Asia, says Founder of Climate Brides Project
Early marriage is a crisis in South Asia and is worsened with climate change. Severe weather events impact women disproportionately.

Currently’s staff reporter Anna Abraham did a Q&A with the founder of the Climate Brides Project, Reetika Subramanian, revealing the links between early child marriage and climate change.

Abraham: How is climate change tied to people’s labor and livelihoods? And how does this manifest into early marriage and forced marriage?

Subramaniam: Marriage becomes a form of climate adaptation.
We’ve been saying these are “marriages of survival”. It’s not like mothers don’t love their children or that they want them to go through this. It is coming from a place of [economic] insecurity. During the pandemic when schools shut down, there were no midday meal schemes [serving free lunch to 120 million Indian school children] available. And in the Sunderbans, there was also a cyclone to deal with. Obviously, you’ll say, “Okay, there’ll be one less mouth to feed — one less burden to attend to if the girl is married off.”

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