Currently — March 27th, 2023

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Currently’s Director of Community Engagement and Organizing, Megan Ruttan, spoke to Ketan Joshi, the author of Windfall and renewable energy analyst based in Oslo, Norway, about the latest IPCC report and what people on the ground can gain from it.

Here’s a snippet of their conversation:

Megan: Those of us who are in climate, we’re used to the cycle of IPCC reports that coming out regularly for a while now. They’re genuinely exhausting.

Ketan: It’s actually a really weird reporting cycle. The main report is split into three chunks — Working Group One (the science and physical science), Working Group Two (impacts and consequences of climate change), and Working Group Three (solutions), which is the one that I have the most personal interest in.

It’s such a huge undertaking, you’re summarizing basically an entire field of study, one of the most rigorous and massive fields of study regarding physical science, an all-encompassing issue.

Right now we have the summary for policymakers. This is the one that’s political, it’s not purely scientific. In Working Group Three last time, the summary of this political bit came out, and it wasn’t great. There was a real focus on pathways to delay action — the promise of future technology.

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