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There are plenty of doomsday climate stories — ‘Extrapolations’ is about the everyday
“We wanted to focus on what we call the ‘messy middle...’ ” says Scott Burns, creator of the AppleTV+ series. “Before we get to the end, there’s a lot of life that we’re all gonna have to go through.”

NPR’s Chloe Veltman wrote a piece, “There are plenty of doomsday climate stories — ‘Extrapolations’ is about the everyday.” In it, she outlines how the new Apple TV+ series tells the story of what will happen to our planet in the next few decades amid climate change, using scientific facts, climate data, and climate change-centered storylines.

“In some ways, Extrapolations is typical eco-thriller fare. The Apple TV+ series depicts a planet on the brink of environmental crisis, where ordinary human beings battle increasingly hostile elements, and a villainous tech tycoon seeks to take over the world.

Yet in contrast to apocalyptic climate change dramas, like The Day After Tomorrow and Snowpiercer, Extrapolations doesn't dwell on the End of Days.

‘We wanted to focus on what we call the 'messy middle,'’ series creator Scott Burns told NPR in an interview. ‘Because before we get to the end, there's a lot of life that we're all gonna have to go through.’

Despite the barrage of daily news headlines devoted to climate change, there still aren't many fictional TV shows and movies that deal with the topic. And those that do tend towards disaster, picturing the end of life on Earth as we know it. But Extrapolations attempts to walk the line between fiction and scientific fact to tell the story of what's at stake for our planet over the next few decades.”

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